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Adage Cover Contest

The advertising and marketing industry, like most others, has been upended by the pandemic. 

Brief: Create a cover that celebrates how creativity continues to shine and empower, in what feels like our darkest moments. The cover should address the industry’s struggles and creative innovation throughout the crisis.


Concept 1: Command Z

After a long day I find myself wishing there was a shortcut or command Z option for many different aspects of my life: whether it be how I communicated something, or redoing the burnt chicken I attempted to make for dinner. This concept pays respects to those feelings of wishing we could find a shortcut out of this mess the pandemic has caused all of us in a simple visual.


Concept 2: Global Cultures

This idea sparked from the thought about how the pandemic has affected us globally, and plays on the scientific words like swabbing culture samples and our social construct culture being changed.


Concept 3: Industry Standards

This idea pays homage to Warhol's artwork, symbolizing mass production,
and mass consumption, and how hoarding certain products has effected us.
The bright colors signify that the advertising industry will always persevere in any crisis. 

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