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Navy Federal Credit Union No Plate Left Behind AR Campaign

Problem: Veterans are trained to desensitize for the sake of the mission. While this mentality may work for the military, it is counterproductive once they return to civilian life without their built-in support network. 1-in-6 military and veteran families experience food insecurity.

Objective: Partner with Feeding America to create an AR experience that allows people to donate to hungry Veterans and their families by filling up a virtual mess hall plate of food. In addition, promote the experience across numerous platforms. 

Credits: Jonathan Crossley, Tom Heffernan, Marty Muthuswami, Jeff Cruz, Ryan Ansel,
Derek Lamont, Lena Duffy, Mark Nicholas

We started with creating a style guide for the campaign.

From there, expanding to email, OLA, in-branch posters, brochures and site experience.

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